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There are lots of accommodation alternatives
Bozcaada. We think we will be a good guide for you to choose one of them. Because once upon a time we had stayed in almost all of them and still we have good relationship with the owners.
First of all, you have to decide whether you would like to stay in the town or outside the town.
If you are coming for the first time we recommend you to stay in the town to live
with its people, open market and other
local activities. Then you can stay in:
--the few hotels in the town,
--the hotel like pensions,
--local houses that you can rent.

If you want to live nature, you have three
other choices to stay in:
--the hotel by the sea,
--the holiday village,
--the holiday farm.

Total number of the qualified bed is about 1000.
We would like to give the best service with
all these alternatives. However, don't forget
to book your rooms beforehand if it is local holiday
in Turkey and especially weekends in summer.
For usual hotel/pension reservation activities we don't charge you any reservation fee.
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