The First Giftstore of Bozcaada
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AdaCafe --- GiftStore
When we've founded our company, our first
commercial activity was to open a gift store:
the first gift store of the island.
The first reaction of the islanders was to
laugh us secretly, however there are a
number of similar shops opened in last 2-3
years. Moreover, almost all islanders
try to sell locally produced materials,
especially  different kinds of food and
handworks to the visitors on the streets
of Bozcaada.
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Within the last ten years, we faced frequent questions from our guests asking the origin of our food that we serve like olives, olive oil, cheese, jams, herbs,...etc. Finally, we decided to sell our locally produced and the food and beverage produced by AdaCafe at a corner called "Adagelincik", namely, "Islandredpoppy".
The process of registration the trade mark "Adagelincik" will be finalized in coming few weeks. We have also the proud of starting international trade relations especially for the
red poppy syrup which is pure natural.
Adagelincik Natural Products